The one thing stopping each of us from living to our full potential is how we handle challenge and adversity. Let us help you master the art of becoming mentally tough.

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These 6 proven training tools will help you rewire and become mentally tough.  

Inside of the Mental Toughness Academy, I will be taking you through the exact mental training tools I've used with some of the highest performers in the world of sports and business. 

Yes, I want these tools.

What is included in the Academy?

The newest version of the exact playbook I use to help high performing athletes and executives structure their life on their terms. ($37 Value)
I walk you through EVERY step of the Mental Toughness Playbook. (and share my own experiences using it) ($499 Value)
Hours of VIP trainings that have only been shared with personal coaching clients and live event attendees. ($997 Value) 


Mac Jones

2x National Champion with Alabama Football
Davey O’Brien Award Winner & Heisman Finalist
New England Patriots QB

“I learned that while at Alabama you have Prizefighting days. When stacking Prizefighter days you develop the Uncommon mindset. You prepare to attack the field and you take an Uncommon mindset to the game. You see, high levels of success are Uncommon. Sustaining them is even more Uncommon. Prizefighter days prepare you to attack the big goals that you create which allows you to reach peak performance.”

Coach Chris Klieman

Kansas State Head Football Coach
“Ben has worked with my teams for over five years as a Performance Coach. The ‘Pound the Stone’ presentation hegave our Kansas State football team was right on the money and was timed perfectly as we begin to head into Springfootball and we continue to build on our great tradition. His energy and enthusiasm was felt throughout the entireroom. Our work outs now end with ‘FINISH. FINISH. POUND THE STONE’.”

Tyron Woodley

Former UFC Welterweight Champion and Future Hall of Famer
“In my industry confidence is everything! But that confidence needs to come from PREPARATION. If I miss training my mental it's the same as missing sparring, a run, or lifting. Only one part of this race is physical. The mental part tells the rest in what we accomplish. Being committed to my Mental Toughness Playbook gives me the tools to call on when I need them the most. BATTLE!”

Will Compton

Tennessee Titans Linebacker, Co-Host of Bussin' with the Boys
“I talk about the mental side all the time and this playbook is something I truly believe has helped me in every area of my life. I promise it will not disappoint and I fully advise you to check it out and USE it."

Drew Hanlen

Top NBA Skills Trainer, CEO Pure Sweat
“The most successful athletes and business leaders in the world have mental toughness and an “it” factor that allowsthem to achieve at the highest level. Ben Newman’s tools and techniques make him one of the best in the world athelping people gain that edge.”

Paul Foster

Principal, Foster Victor Wealth Advisors, Top 1% Advisor
"Our team has worked with Ben for multiple years and it has had a profound impact on us. His ability to make challenges that seem overwhelming into bite-sized tasks has made all the difference in the world. He was able to get us to focus on our process instead of the outcome. It revolutionized our way of thinking and how we attack our day. His affect on me and our entire team has been dramatically positive."

Mental Toughness Academy 2.0


($1533 Value!)

  • Full version of the Mental Toughness Playbook
  • Build the right daily habits with the Prizefighter Day deep dive course
  • Develop consistency and get off the performance roller coaster by finding your BURN.
  • Full Access to THE VAULT, VIP keynote trainings from other top performers like Jerry Rice, Tyron Woodley, Ray Lewis, Aeneas Williams, and Dr. Jason Selk.
  • Bonus Course, helping YOU build a standard to live by.
  • Over 15 hours of mental toughness video training